Our Team

Our childcare kaiako (teachers) are wonderful and amazing people, who have been selected based on their experience within Early Childhood Education, their professional knowledge of teaching and nurturing young children and their philosophy of education and knowledge of child development. We value professional development, and encourage our team to participate in a variety of courses, in order to grow and keep up to date with new developments in the educational field.


We are committed to follow the aspirations of the New Zealand National ECE Curriculum, Te Whãriki, “For children to grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society.”
Te Whãriki envisages kaiako (teachers) in early learning settings working in partnership with parents, whānau and community to realise this vision. The expectation is that, in their early years, children will experience a curriculum that empowers them as lifelong learners.
Te Whãriki supports this work by providing a framework of principles and strands.
The principles are the foundations of curriculum decision making and a guide for every aspect of pedagogy and practice.
The strands are 5 areas of learning and development, where the focus is on supporting children to develop the capabilities they need as confident and competent learners.
Each setting takes these principles and strands and, in partnership with parents and whānau, uses them to ‘weave’ a curriculum Whãriki that is specifically designed for their children.

Our Rooms



In our infants room, we provide a nurturing and caring ‘home away from home’ environment to ensure that children feel safe and secure in their own space, as they begin to explore and discover the world around them.



We provide a space for our curious Toddlers within an intimate small group size. We support childhood learning with a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and supportive of all children during this age of discovery and wonder.



Our Preschool space offers opportunities throughout the day for children to be involved in contributing to the curriculum. Teachers work alongside the children to set up an environment which is challenging, provides curiosity and active exploration.

buttercups childcare pukekohe


At our Pukekohe daycare centre, we introduce sustainable habits and practices to our children by encouraging them to reduce, reuse and recycle.  We also keep worm farms and grow our own veggies in our very own Buttercups garden.
As a childcare centre we use Storypark, significantly reducing the amount of paper used for forms and notices.
We use local suppliers and partners where possible, supporting the sustainability of businesses in our community.
At Buttercups ELC Pukekohe we believe every little bit helps to ensure sustainability for our precious future generations.

The Natural World

The natural world is a giant, open-ended learning laboratory. Children are innate scientists and love to experience the sights, scents, sounds, and textures of the outdoors. Whether it’s growing vegetables, creating a masterpiece with dirt, twigs and sand, watching worms wriggle through the soil, gazing at clouds, jumping in puddles, listening to birds sing, smelling fresh-cut grass and collecting seeds – any outdoor learning experience is always a positive one!  Where possible we encourage children’s experiences with the natural world. Our childcare curriculum offers children opportunities to move freely indoors and outdoors. Our outdoor area recently had a make over and supports children’s physical development.

childcare pukekohe

Contact us or simply drop into our Pukekohe childcare centre for a visit. We’d love to hear from you.

We understand that your child’s education and care is a priority and that choosing the right daycare centre can be a big decision. We would be delighted to share in your child’s learning journey. Feel welcome to contact us in whichever way is most convenient for you, or visit our Pukekohe childcare centre and meet our Teaching Team!