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How to Help Children Stay in Touch with Loved Ones During Lockdown

Since lockdown restrictions have returned to NZ – and the strictest level is still in place for Auckland – our Pukekohe daycare centre thought we’d share some excellent ways to keep in touch even when we’re physically distant.

From our bubbles to yours, wherever you are in Pukekohe or Pokeno, Bombay or Taukau, here are some tips to help your children stay in contact with loved ones who are far away.

Video calls

While daycare teachers don’t normally recommend screen time, we all agree that using phones or computers to keep in touch with family is essential. Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp – whatever your video call of choice, we’re lucky to have these options today! Giving grandma a call, organising a virtual play date with friends from your childcare centre, or hopping on a family conference call will keep these relationships going while we are stuck at home.

Mail letters

Of course, we can’t be on the screen all day long, but there are other ways to keep in touch with family and friends. One great idea is to get your children to mail some letters to their cousins, their friends or even their daycare teachers. Let them draw a picture before placing it in an envelope, sealing it, and popping it in the mailbox. Remember to sneak the letter out after they’ve gone to bed so they think the mailman has picked it up for delivery!

Share stories

Encourage your little ones to keep thinking about loved ones by continuing to talk about them. Share stories about their aunts and uncles and ask them about their own friends from daycare. Who do they miss? What activities are they looking forward to after lockdown? Which friend would they like to go for ice cream with once the shops open? Asking open ended questions and sharing tales about stories will help keep that connection alive.

Read books

There are some excellent children’s books that deal with tricky subjects like being away from those we love. Some of our Pukekohe childcare teacher’s favourites include The Invisible String and I Love You Near and Far. If you have any such books at home, read them together with your children. If not, you might be able to find some read out loud online.

Get involved in any childcare activities on offer

A lot of daycares are offering ways to engage with your childcare centres from home. From mat time sessions to sing-a-longs, play ideas on Facebook to sharing photos of your family bubbles, these aren’t just great ways to keep in touch – they’ll give you good ideas for new activities, too!

If you’re looking for a fun, engaging and nurturing childcare centre post-lockdown, get in touch with Buttercups Early Learning Centre today. Located in Pukekohe, our daycare whanau includes families from Pokeno, Bombay and Taukau – we’d love to meet you!