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Importance of Encouraging Creativity at Early Learning Centres

One of the many beautiful parts of being a child definitely has to be the fun and play that comes with it. Children are playful and creative by nature, and a quality childcare centre will encourage and help a child’s creativity develop.

Creativity comes from the brain’s right hemisphere and engaging in creative pursuits will help to strengthen that part of a young child’s brain. Most importantly, it’s also a healthy and fun way for children to learn how to self-express.

At Buttercups childcare in Pukekohe, we create the best learning environment for children, helping our tamariki to thrive, in daycare, and beyond. Read on to find out how we can all help to develop children’s natural creativity!

Tapping into the Creative Nature

Creative play helps little ones develop emotionally, physically, mentally and socially. It’s incredibly satisfying and fulfilling for children to be able to express themselves in a safe and fun environment. At the core, creativity is natural for all humans, and children have a special ability to tap right into their creative nature. Nourishing creativity at home and daycare helps nurture children’s emotional health.

Childcare providers play a critical role in supporting brain growth and development. For many children, their natural creative impulse will start to peak around 6 years old when more traditional and formal social structures tend to become more part of a child’s life. That makes the early years the most important time for encouraging children to explore their creative play and expression.

At Buttercups childcare, we care for children in Pukekohe, as well as from nearby suburbs like Pokeno, Bombay and Tuakau. Our early learning environment has been developed for fun and learning at every age and stage, including a family play area, an art area, as well as a quiet space for reading and reflection.

Understanding the Benefits of Creative Play

Creative play includes children playing alone or in social groups with toys or each other, and also through drama, visual arts and crafts, music, sounds and dance. It’s far more important than simply allowing children to develop their imagination and art skills, it helps in every aspect of their development. It’s easily seen in relation to others, allowing children to connect with each other in different social situations, and practice their language skills together in a fun way.

Give Your Child the Best Start in Life at Buttercups

At Buttercups childcare Pukekohe, our experienced teachers are warm, welcoming and fun, guiding our tamariki to engage in challenge and creative experiences for their development. Parents of Buttercups Early Learning Centre Pukekohe children love the rich sense of community and our philosophy for strong relationships, respect and equal opportunities. We are all about ensuring your child gets the best start in life and all creativity and development is encouraged!