Toddler Room (2 – 3.5 years)



Our Tui Room environment is prepared to entice children’s curiosity and exploration where testing, trying and challenge is valued. Children are encouraged to think inter-dependently, and our environment promotes childrens curiosity, problem solving and motor development. We promote an environment that is respectful, unhurried and children develop the ability to express their ideas or feelings. We have a variety of resources available daily that support children to reach their full potential in a environment that is inclusive and supportive. Kaiako facilitate childrens activities and curriculum areas that extend, nurture and reflect the holistic development of children this age.

Play is open-ended and full of fun as we embrace the unknown. Children explore and experiment with their ideas and theories of how the world around them works, engaging with resources and become very busy immersed in curriculum areas where they can become the best version of themselves.

We believe children learn through child initiated play and our role is to guide and support children to develop a range of skills and development. We foster children’s language development through mat times, songs, story telling and every day interactions.

In the Tui room children are supported to develop social competence and learn alongside their peers through positive guidance and a range of social interactions and experiences.

Some of our children in this room require support as they are still developing self help skills and care moments are still required. Our aim is to support and nurture children’s well being so they can become independent with toileting, feeding themselves, washing their hands and getting them selves dressed. Children who may still require a sleep or a rest can do so in our designated sleep area. This is generally after lunch time.



For new children, we encourage 3 settling visits, approximately 2 weeks before your child’s start date to ensure a smooth and settled transition for both you and your child.

When children near 3 and a half and they are ready they will begin the transition process to the Kiwi Room. We work along side parent and whānau aspirations and this done in consultation with you.

Our Transition Policy is available by asking a member of the team.



Our talented chef creates healthy and well-balanced meals, providing the nutrition and energy our preschoolers need for all aspects of their growth and development.  Visit our Whats Included? page to find out more or ask for a copy of our current seasonal menu.



As well as daily face-to-face catch ups about your child’s day at drop off and pick up time, we use Storypark to share photos, videos and audio of your child’s development so you never miss out on those special moments.  Storypark also offer a handy mobile app so can have updates right to your smartphone.